May 12, 2010

Day four - epic!

First off, epic is both a describing word and a noun. Epic is the exhibition centre in canberra. Thats where we are. All 1100 of us. It's So bloody loud. But i'm lovin it!

Bob brown, leader of the greens is speaking to us as I type. He is speaking to up on the interlinked problems of global warming and poverty. In his words, we are the generation of change. He supports us in all we do. We are the next leaders of this world.

He speaks of the future. Of the summit in september, for the check in in december. He speaks of the development, our successes so far. Of passion, for change, for progress. And of the past, the difference we've already made and the lives we've already saved.

There is still a lot to do. The area of maternal health is an issue. But it's all things we can work on, and our work has made a direct difference. Tomorrow, we take all the support we have, and knock on the door of our nations leaders.

The atmosphere here is electric. Everyone is off tap. When they find a place for the boys to sleep, you can bet it will be even better. Lol!