September 6, 2010

More Travel...

I'll be travelling again soon, this time not as far as country-wide.

However, in about Jan, Feb, I'm looking to head over to Perth for a few weeks. If anyone has any suggestions about Perth, lemme know!

May 13, 2010

Day six - the university of ... Danceberra?

So, we were all sitting waiting for the youth forum to start and someone started to dance. Might have been a queenslander.

We're all at the australian national university, in one of their biggest lecture halls. And tom oconnor just told me he's going to give a talk and embarras me. Perfect....

May 12, 2010

Day five - summit time!

So, after an exciting night of being appointed one of the national first aiders, and staying at the hospital until 2am, the 5:30 wake up time was out of the question.
So I started my day with a sleep in, then hopped on a bus to parliament.

And there I stayed...

I've been in and out of summits all day, hearing from some amazing people such as hugh evans, tom connor, members of the uniting church and the global poverty project, as well as the general managing director of oaktree, nick al-ardice.

At one, I met with greg hunt. Watching him, and the ceo and financial officer of oaktree discussing some major ideas was very eye opening. Real power in that room, me, fresh and three of some of the most importane people in the movement.

We also heard from malcom turnbull. He's still talking now. I'm sorry, but he talks in circles and it's mostly bullShit. I mean, wow. If there is one lesson you learn in debating, it's to answer the bloody question.

Anyway, been a bloody good day. Can't wait to get back to epic tonight.


I messed the name of the speaker up. It's not bob brown, it's bob mcmallum.