May 7, 2010

Ok, so we heard from andrew hewitt, from oxfam. He spoke about our responsibility for both poverty and climate change. Following him was kelvin thomson. He spoke about the governments current committment to environmental change, world hunger, access to safe drinking water and universal primary education. The government backs the MDG's, and is committed to raising the aid budget. Following him was andrew hewitt, a candidate for the same seat as kelvin, the seat of Wills. He is a supporter of oxfam. As a member of the greens, he outlined their committment to women and their education, especially sexual and reproductive education and services. He also outlined the promise of 0.7 percent of the GNI. 70 cents in every one hundred dollars, instead of the 34 cents we currently contribute. He suggests we keep an eye on the budget, coming out later this week, in which he hopes military spending has been slashed to make way for humanitarian aid. All in all, the speaker were inspiring and their support to the campaign has been invaluable. Big thanks to oxfam for organising it!
Kelvin will be at the breakfast at mural hall, parliament house in canberra.